Belle Meade Island Villa

Belle Meade Island Villa

  • Area: 685m²
  • House
  • Minimalist
  • Contemporary
  • Modern

About the project:

The concept for this house, located in Miami with direct access to thewater, was inspired by the sleek design of a motorboat. The designincorporates sharp, angular lines that are reminiscent of the dynamicshape of a boat.To bringa touch of the tropical surroundings into the design, naturalmaterials were utilized. The use of wood throughout the interior andexterior of the house creates a warm, inviting atmosphere that is perfectfor enjoying the Miami lifestyle.Despite being situated on a corner lot with access from two streets, thedesignaimedto ensure the house felt private from the outside. As such,there are no window openings on the side facing the street. This allows fora greater sense of seclusion and privacy, while still providing ample naturallight and ventilation from the water-facing side of the property.The interior of the house features an open floor plan, with ample livingand dining areas that seamlessly flow into the outdoor space. Large slidingglass doors provide stunning views of the water and allow for easy accessto the outdoor living areas. The use of natural materials, such as wood andstone, throughout the interior creates a sense of harmony and balancewith the surrounding environment.Overall, this house is a perfect example of a modern, tropical oasis. Itssleek design, use of natural materials, and emphasis on privacy make it anideal retreat for anyone looking to enjoy the best of Miami living.


Address: Miami, EUA