Villa 4340 Ingraham

Villa 4340 Ingraham

  • Area: 588m²
  • House
  • Minimalist
  • Contemporary
  • Modern

About the project:

Located in the sunny city of Miami, Florida, this residential project is designed to bring a sense of nature and contemporary style to the architecture. The use of wood material on certain elements of the building creates a natural and organic look, while large windows and glass doors allow for an abundance of natural light to enter the interior spaces. This design choice not only enhances the aesthetic of the building, but also promotes energy efficiency by reducing the need for artific ial lighting. The building is also designed to encourage indoor/outdoor living, with an outdoor space featuring a gourmet area and a pool for residents to relax and enjoy the warm weather. The incorporation of double height ceilings and passive cooling te chniques, such as cross-ventilation, further enhances the comfort and energy efficiency of the structure. Overall, the design of this residential project emphasizes its connection to the surrounding Miami environment using natural materials and elements that reflect the local climate. From the wood accents to the outdoor amenities, this development aims to provide a sense of connection to the natural surroundings while also offering a modern and contemporary living experience.


Address: Miami, EUA