Building JG

Building JG

  • Area: 1200m²
  • House
  • Minimalist
  • Contemporary
  • Modern

About the project:

The design of this mixed-use building reflects versatility and functionality in its architectural design. With the ground floor allocated for commerce, it features a glass facade, providing an inviting and dynamic environment. On the mezzanine, we find the administrative section of the store along with its warehouses, organized to ensure operational efficiency and inventory control. On the upper floors, the project comes to life with studio apartments designed for rental purposes. These residential spaces were conceived to offer comfort and convenience to residents seeking a practical and modern lifestyle. To meet residents needs, a common laundry area has been designed, alongside a coworking space, fostering a collaborative atmosphere for occupants, encouraging interaction and productivity. This mixed-use building not only harmoniously combines different uses but also creates synergy between commercial and residential spaces, offering a comprehensive experience for its users, blending convenience, comfort, and interactivity within a singular architectural environment.


Address: Bahia, Brasil