Villa MF

Villa MF

  • Area: 700m²
  • House
  • Minimalist
  • Contemporary
  • Modern

About the project:

In this three-floors residence, the layout of spaces defines each level functionally. The basement is dedicated to service, ensuring discreet and efficient operation, while the ground floor is reserved for the social area, inviting interaction and entertainment. The top floor houses the private area, offering a tranquil and intimate environment for its residents. The facade reflects a contemporary aesthetic with straight elements in a horizontal volumetry, imparting a sense of expansion and fluidity to the design. The decorative brises, in wooden tones and rustic natural stone, not only adorn the facade but also add visual depth and texture to the architecture. This residence stands out not only for its intelligent distribution but also for the harmony among architectural elements, providing not only functionality but also a captivating and contemporary aesthetic.


Address: São Paulo, Brasil