Villa DF

Villa DF

  • Area: 390m²
  • House
  • Minimalist
  • Contemporary
  • Modern

About the project:

The facade of Villa DF blends black marbled cladding with minimalist white elements. The choice of black marbling lends imposing sophistication, while the white elements add a sharp contrast, elegantly and contemporarily highlighting lines and shapes. The harmony between these colors creates a striking visual that stands out in the surrounding landscape. Its lighting is an essential component to enhance its details. Here, strategies of both direct and indirect lighting are consciously employed to create visual effects that accentuate the texture of the cladding and its contours. Directional light is used to highlight specific points, such as the main entrance, decorative details, or even to create shadow play that intensifies the facades depth. On the other hand, indirect lighting can be incorporated to soften the environment, providing a cozy and elegant atmosphere. The combination of these techniques allows the house facade to come to life at night. The heart of this house is the gourmet area. It is located at the back of the house, like an annex, it has independent access directly from the back street. It was designed not only to provide functionality but also to create an inviting room for socializing and gastronomy. Integrated with the external part, this area becomes a central point for social gatherings and open-air dining. The design is intended to facilitate interaction between spaces, creating a smooth transition between the gourmet area and the external leisure area, consisting of a garden and an outdoor entertainment space. This combination of striking architecture, carefully planned lighting, and a well-designed gourmet area results in a space that not only captivates visually but also offers a functional and welcoming environment to enjoy special moments at home.


Address: Bahia, Brasil