Residence MA

Residence MA

  • Area: 430m²
  • House
  • Minimalist
  • Contemporary
  • Modern

About the project:

Residence MA, located in Ceu Azul–Paraná, the design of thisresidential project focuses on creating a comfortable and privatespace for a family with two children. The house includes foursuites, an open plan living area, and anoutdoor access area toreceive guests in the party/gourmet space.To take advantage of the local climate, the design incorporatesdark color elements as a passive heatingstrategyduring the coldwinters in the city. Large windows and outdoor livingspaces alsoallow the homeowners to enjoy the beautiful views of thesurrounding area.The use of the chamfer element with voids and pergolas createsa light and shadow effect that adds visual interest and helps todraw the eye to different parts of the facade. The use of naturalstone, particularly a local Brazilian variety, adds a natural andorganic touch to the design and helps to highlight the connectionto the surrounding environment.Overall, this house combines function and form to create a stylishand comfortable home that meets the needs of the family andtheir guests.


Address: Paraná, Brasil