Riyadh Villa

Riyadh Villa

  • Area: 2320m²
  • House
  • Minimalist
  • Contemporary
  • Modern

About the project:

Arab culture is closely linked to family, and this is reflected in theway they design their architecture. This project in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia was no different. Planned so that there is a house for the client and one for hismother on the same plot, the villas were designed in a way thatprovides privacy to the front of the plot and opens to the back,where a large glass panel integrates the garden and pool into the familys social living space.A central garden between the houses creates exclusive access forthe family to their home, while the front entrance serves visitors,which is common in the regions culture.Each villa has a unique floor plan to meet the familys needs. Thedesign incorporates natural elements such as stones, woods, andeven metals on the façade to contrast with the surroundings.


Address: Riyadh, Arábia Saudita