Villa 48

Villa 48

  • Area: 1500m²
  • House
  • Minimalist
  • Contemporary
  • Modern

About the project:

When creating this Villa, the idea was to harmonize architectural modernity with the surrounding natures serenity. The clean facade, cloaked in marble and adorned with light tones, was planned to evoke a sense of sophistication and tranquility from the moment of arrival. The choice of marble for the facade wasnt merely aesthetic but also a functional decision, ensuring durability and elegance over time. The cascade and fountain on the main facade were integrated not only as decorative elements but also as a sensory experience, inviting visitors to engage with the environment upon arrival. Upon entering the residence, the intersection between wooden tones and light marble was carefully designed to create an ambiance of serenity and sophistication, fostering a feeling of warmth and comfort. The layout of the living area, strategically positioned to capture the breathtaking view of the sea, was intended to provide an atmosphere for contemplation and relaxation, seamlessly integrating nature into the internal space.


Address: Doha, Catar